.NET Localization Tool for Visual Studio

RGreatEx is the most powerful localizer and coding helper for Visual Studio. Once installed, it lets you localize .NET applications and produce safer code, saving up to 95% of time the developer usually spends on doing the same by hand. Empower yourself with time-saving refactorings, such as Move to resource and Rename resource. Boost your productivity - with RGreatEx it’s so easy! The plug-in will automatically analyze string and resource usage and suggest moving strings to resources. Take your coding experience to the next level with many new context actions for quick string manipulation. Produce safer resx code. Localization and coding in Visual Studio have never been so enjoyable before!

Key Benefits and Features

Below is a short overview of some of the most exciting benefits and features of the plug-in. For a more detailed list of features, see Feature Overview.

Support for popular .NET languages

RGreatEx supports the most popular languages, such as C#, VB.NET and ASP.NET.

Get started now – It’s easy!

Localize your .NET application and produce safer code without any hassles. There is no need for you to learn anything new. Basically, what you get in RGreatEx are automated recommendations from Microsoft on localization of .NET applications. The best way to feel the power and ease of RGreatEx is to try its 14-day trial version.

Quick localization support

Save 95% of time on adding localization support to your application. Extract hard-coded strings to resources with RGreatEx and localize a software project in hours, rather than days or even weeks you may spend on rewriting the entire code of the application. Using RGreatEx, you are able to automate cumbersome and slow operations and localize your project at any stage during its development and even after its completion.

Simply select a string and choose Move string to resource from the quick fixes, choose a resource file where you want to extract and refactoring parameters. Then you copy your resource file to a resource file for localization – for instance if you have Resources.resx you need to make a copy with the name – Resources.xx-xx.resx (where xx-xx – is your specific culture). And then translate parameters in Resources.xx-xx.resx to the needed ones by using the Translate resource quick fix.

The Move string to resource action can be configured to generate resource keys automatically according to your convention. Similarly, the plug-in can be configured to ignore a specific string. You can learn more about it in How to Ignore Specified Strings.

More productivity options

Improve your coding experience with more productivity refactorings and context actions. RGreatEx lets you select strings from a file, folder, or a project, choose a resource file and keys for the selected strings and move them to resources – all in one go! Other handy options include another refactoring method - Rename resource for quick renaming of resource keys, a rich set of context actions and highlighting options for quick string manipulation, plus Go to resource entry option for quick navigation from code to the resource value.

Intelligent resource analysis

Create error-free, multi-language applications with RGreatEx’s code inspections - Cannot resolve resource, Invalid resource usage, Invalid resource value and other. Analyze resources and their usage to find errors during the development, rather than on the computer of the end user. Enable its Solution-Wide Analysis option and see errors related to the use of resources. Now, you can quickly detect the strings that should be extracted to resources and resources that haven’t been localized yet.

Safer code with SafeResx

Generate a safer resx code wrapper using SafeResx – a generator of classes for accessing resources. SafeResx gives you two useful tools - SharedSafeResx and PrivateSafeResx. SharedSafeResx generates shared resource wrapper, which allows you to use resources in referenced assemblies, while PrivateSafeResx can be used to create private project resources!

Time-saving options

Double your pleasure with other time-saving options, such as Check index value, Flip parts, Flip comparison, Flip invocation and Negate comparison – they all make your life so much easier.

Tight Visual Studio integration

Tight integration of RGreatEx with Visual Studio means Visual Studio understands when you are using RGreatEx to refactor code and provides full coding assistance, so that you can maintain and enhance your project code efficiently and without errors.

Affordable price

RGreatEx is only 35 Euro to keep.

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