Try .NET Code Inspector 1.8

Let's be honest. Every vendor claims his product to be the best, the most feature rich, and the one you cannot live without. The truth, however, is that marketing hype means nothing when it comes to software development tools. What really matters is the hands-on experience you and your team get after evaluating the product and comparing it to others.

Download the full version of .NET Code Inspector. You can get the evaluation license here for self-examination and try it out for 14 days. The trial version is for evaluation purposes only and not valid for commercial use.

If you have problems downloading the setup file, please contact us.

The .NET Code Inspector 1.7 tested under ReSharper 4.5.1186.
The .NET Code Inspector 1.8 tested under ReSharper 4.5.1200.


  • Click the link;
  • Save the file to a convenient location on your computer;
  • Open the file;
  • Follow the instructions of the setup program;


.NET Code Inspector 1.8 (R4.5).zip
.NET Code Inspector 1.7 (R4.5).zip
.NET Code Inspector 1.6 (R4.1).zip
.NET Code Inspector 1.6 (R4.1)
.NET Code Inspector 1.6 (R4.0).zip