Produce Safer Code with Ease

.NET Code Inspector is an innovative plug-in for JetBrain ReSharper. It enhances the Visual Studio editor with a new feature – automated code inspection. Now, you can reduce the hours and even days of manual code review to a one-minute affair. Simply select the part of code you want to check and run the inspection. The rest is done automatically by .NET Code Inspector. In less than a minute, you’ll see the list of all detected errors. More than that, you’ll be offered warnings, suggestions, and hints on how to make the source code safer. Having all this at hand, you can easily improve the quality of code in a few hours or even sooner!

Key Benefits and Features

Below is a short overview of some of the most exciting benefits and features of the plug-in.

Support for popular .NET languages

.NET Code Inspector supports the most popular languages, such as C#, VB.NET and ASP.NET.

Get started now – It’s easy!

The best way to feel the power and ease of .NET Code Inspector is to try its 14-day trial version. You’ll be amazed at how simple code inspection will be. There’s no need for you to read the user manual – just install the plug-in and it’ll get you on the way to super code without learning hassles. Download a trial version now!

How it works

.NET Code Inspector makes code review as easy as it gets. To begin, select the part of code to be inspected and choose “Run Code Inspection” from the popup context menu in the Solution Explorer. This begins the inspection, which is done in the completely automated mode, relying on the powerful artificial intelligence of the plug-in. NET Code Inspector finishes the analysis quickly and shows all found errors, as well as warnings, suggestions and hints that the developer can use to improve the quality of the source code.

For better viewing, the results can be grouped by different criteria - severity, inspection kind, type, type and member and others. If you, for example, choose the inspection kind criteria, you’ll see the following groups: code redundancies, code structure analysis, potential errors, bad practices,etc.

Native Visual Studio integration

Native integration of .NET Code Inspector with Visual Studio means Visual Studio understands when you are using the plug-in to inspect code and provides full assistance to perform this task without errors.

Affordable price

.NET Code Inspector is only 6.95$ to keep.

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