RGreatEx and .NET Code Inspector by Safe Develop

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RGreatEx - .NET Localization as fun ride

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RGreatEx is the most powerful tool for localization of .NET applications and producing safer code for accessing resources.
Designed as a plug-in for JetBrains ReSharper, RGreatEx gives the developer a pain-free way to add localization support to a .NET project at any stage during its development or even after its completion.
The plug-in enhances Visual Studio with a set of productivity refactorings, such as Move to resource, Rename resource, analyzes string and resource usage and suggests moving strings to resources. RGreatEx also adds many context actions for on-the-fly string manipulation and generates safer resx code. These features boost the developer productivity and turn development into a fun ride, rather than a road to hell.

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.NET Code Inspector - Produce Safer Code with Ease.

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.NET Code Inspector is an innovative yet simple plug-in that enables automatic code inspection in Visual Studio.
Designed as a plug-in for JetBrain ReSharper, .NET Code Inspector offers the developer a trouble-free way to produce safer code with little efforts. Just select the area of code you want to inspect and run the automatic code inspection. In a minute or two, you’ll see the list of all found errors, plus automatically generated warnings, suggestions and hints on how to improve the quality of the source code. With .NET Code Inspector, finding problems in the application code becomes a true delight for the developer.

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